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Avocado Oil – Moisturizes the skin and enhances the skin’s ability to generate collagen.

Sooths Sunburned Skin.

Beeswax – Protects the skin while still allowing the skin to breathe. Just like honey it offers anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefit to skin, but without the stickiness.

Castor Oil – One of my favorite oils in general. Moisturizing and rejuvenates the skin. 

Coconut Oil – Moisturizes skin and is especially good for restoring dry and flaking skin.

Strengthens skin tissue and helps eliminate dead skin cells. This oil naturally contains Vitamin E.


Essential Oils – While essential oils smell wonderful, each essential oil has effects on our mood and in some cases the health of our skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Moisturizes the skin. Relieves mild skin irritation. Fights the effects of pollution and sun. Also Rich in Vitamin E.

Grapeseed Oil – A very gentle, nutrient rich oil that is great for sensitive skin. It helps in

preventing acne, balancing the moisture on your skin and is believed to restore collagen.

Sweet Almond Oil – Good for all types of skin. Relives itching and dryness.

Unrefined Cocoa Butter – Provides deep skin hydration. Sooths sensitive skin. Is especially

good for those with Eczema and Dermatitis.

Sodium Hydroxide - Is probably the only ingrdient not readily found in your kitchen cabinet. Sodium Hydroxide is a natural occuring alkaline substance that is required for the saponification process of turning water and oil into soap. When the process is complete there is no sodium hydroxide remaing in the product; there is only fresh traditionally made natural soap.

For those who are into soap ingredients, you may notice that

Palm Oil did not make the list.  


While Palm oil is edible and makes a very good bar of soap there are environmental concerns around this product.  As you read this large patches of rainforest are being burned down to make room for more Palm Trees to sell the oil. It's Ok, I think My Skin Harmony products are just fine without it.

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