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About the Owner:

As a person who was concerned about their own health, My Skin Harmony started as my personal mission to become less toxic. I don’t have 100% control over the air I breathe or the water available to drink. And we all struggle with what we put in our mouths from time to time. But I felt what I put on my skin was easier to control and became an easy fix.


This became important after I learned about the thousands of chemicals (some which are toxic) in some commercial skincare products. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs up to 90% of what you put on it. So make sure you are using the healthiest options available to you.


After not finding what I was looking for I decided to make skin care products myself. I created for myself a bar of soap that had a good amount of lather, felt creamy, smelled good, was long lasting, moisturized and conditioned my skin, and most importantly was non-toxic. To that I added some of the salves that I had been making for my family and friends for years as an herbalist. I am pleased to share these healthy alternatives with you.

Each batch of soap is hand made in small batches, carefully swirled with colorful natural ingredients you find in the kitchen cabinet like unsweetened cocoa powder and paprika. Who said healthy had to look boring? Although the ingredients I use are perfectly fine for most people, there are some of you with various allergies or preferences.Your product may be able to be customized.

Just give me a call at 914.338.8845 and I will be happy to work with you to carefully create the product to your specifications. 


Please contact me to produce a custom product that will resonate with your skin. 

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